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2 - Second Grade
3 - Third Grade
4 - Fourth Grade
5 - Fifth Grade

The grade level links above will take you to the Sunshine State Standards math expectations. Each expectation also includes a printable student activity.
It's important that each student meets and exceeds the state's expectations for every subject, and of course math.  To help achieve that goal, we've outlined the learning expectations for grades K-5 for Florida State, and include activites to help each student, and those teaching the student, to get the most out of their studies.
To learn more about the math learning expectations of each grade, just click the links on your left. The links will take you to lists of these expectations in the areas of Number Sense, Measurement, Geometry, Algebraic Thinking, and Data Analysis. With the help of these lists and their attached activities, you will be able to aid your students in improving their mathematical skills at the pace they need.